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You Were My Friend by wahyawolf You Were My Friend by wahyawolf
You were my friend, you were my friend
How could you let me down? You were my friend
I guess for the sake of all we had
I should try to understand
But it just doesn't make much sense to me
To trust in you again

...Well I guess that friendships
All come to an end.

~Lyrics from "You Were My Friend", Chi Coltrane. [link]

Follow up to "Falling into Memories": [link]


The rain had stopped and the first rays of sun were streaking across the darkened night, painting the sky with warm colors. Physically and emotionally drained, Scar had passed out on the cliff overlooking the gorge the previous night. But sleep was no sanctuary; the nightmares that plagued his mind were all too real. Surreal memories of everything he'd done, engulfed by the ever present vision of flames and the cackling of hyenas. In fact, that laughter seemed a little too real...

"Well, well...look what the rain washed up..." a voice stirred the lion from his restless slumber. Scar squinted; the outline of a hyena slowly took form. At first fear took hold and he grit his teeth as he slowly pushed himself upright, legs shaking as he felt the full impact of the injuries he'd received the previous night. The rain had washed away much of the blood but deep gashes and burns remained, his right eye was swollen and large pieces of his ears were missing. He sat upright in a slouch, somewhat relieved to see Shenzi was alone...but he knew that wouldn't last.

"...and right back to the scene of the crime, no less." Shenzi sneered.

"Please..." Scar struggled to find his voice, "Just leave me alone."

Shenzi flicked her tail and slowly walked closer, "Oh I'm afraid I can't do that. Traitor."

"I never meant...I was cornered, I didn't know what else to do..." his voice darkened, "and you wouldn't even let me explain..."

The hyena walked back and forth, "Explain? I don't have the patience for all the things you need to "explain"! You know, you never could have pulled any of it off without us." Dramatically she lifted a paw to her chest and mimicked Scar's voice, "Stick with me and you'll never go hungry again!" she laughed at that but her smile was malicious. "And what did we get? You starved us! We were better off where we were...better off with Mufasa!" Shenzi smirked at the way Scar cringed at the name; she no longer feared speaking it in front of him "Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa!" the hyena taunted, seemingly amused.

"I'm sorry." Scar said in a monotone, eyes averted away.

"Sorry doesn't cut it." she paused, looking over her shoulder. "Simba ordered us to leave the Pridelands. Most of the clan has, but a few of us find you." she turned back to him slowly, eyes piercing as she flashed a toothy grin. "We're still hungry." she paused, "And from the sorry looks of you...I could take you myself,"

Scar narrowed his eyes as she spoke, his gaze still focused on the gorge below. "Then why don't you." he muttered. Shenzi looked dumbstruck at the response.

"Where's your fight?" she raised an eyebrow.

"I have nothing left to fight for. Do as you will, or leave me alone." the lion had managed to get to his feet, but he wasn't sure he could walk...and if he could it wouldn't be very far. If Shenzi didn't take care of him he could always go back to his other plan. He could make it that far, he was less than a step away from the drop.

Shenzi stared at him for a few minutes, the change in demeanor almost frightened her. She'd known the lion for a long time, since they were cubs. There was a time when she trusted him, when she honestly considered him a friend. But those days were over long ago. Still, the sadness in the lion's face reminded her more of a younger reflection of himself. Regret was not something she was familiar with when it came to Scar, yet for some reason he seemed too weak to hide it now. "Scar...?" she tilted her head; her eyes narrowed. "or would you prefer...Taka?" the hyena spoke the name in a low whisper, a name she - nor anyone else - had spoken in ages.

Scar's jaw could have dropped, he hadn't heard that name for years. Not since he was an adolescent, not since he was given his new namesake. The last one to call him by that name was his mother, who refused to call him anything else, despite his protests. To hear it again was too overwhelming, especially right now. He snapped his gaze towards Shenzi and for an instant she saw that rage back in his eyes, "Don't ever call me by that name."

"I see, you're still Scar." she snorted. "Still the traitor." she spoke harshly yet somehow she didn't quite believe her own words.

Scar pinned his ears back, he didn't know who he was at this point. He was simply ruined and just wanted the stabbing in his chest to stop. The pain wasn't physical like the wounds on his body, it was something far worse; something he'd been able to fend off for so long...until now.

Shenzi turned her gaze to the horizon, she knew it wouldn't be long before the other clan members found them. "I hate you." the hyena growled in a low voice as she looked back to Scar. "I can't forgive you for what you did to my clan..." she stepped closer until he was forced to look at her, "But you were once my helped me once, before all of the madness..." her eyes narrowed, "You need to leave the Pridelands. Now. If we don't finish you, Simba will. My clan is heading east, you go another direction...because if I see you again I won't be so generous."

Scar looked dumbfounded as the hyena spoke, he never would have expected any chance from her...or from anyone. For an instant he felt bad about all the times he'd insulted them...oh true, some of them were idiots, but Shenzi at least had a brain and was capable of using it if she felt like it. She was clan leader for a reason. For once Scar looked sincere, "Thank you..."

Shenzi's serious face quickly turned to a smirk, "Watch our for vultures, you already look like a piece of carrion," she laughed at that and turned away. Looking back once over her shoulder, "For better or doubt for worse, I won't ever forget you." and with that she raced off to find the rest of the clan.

"Likewise." Scar replied as he took a shaky step away from the gorge. He wasn't sure where he was going or why, but he was given a chance and something compelled him to try. For now.


Well, there it is. XD I dunno where I'm going from here, but here's the thing: I have always liked Shenzi. Always seen her as the smartest of the hyenas and most likely Scar's "best friend" among them. In my fan fiction concerning their past she's the first hyena he meets as a cub and he helps her out (that's what she was referring to in the story here) I thought the lyrics to that song sorta really fit. At any rate, I had Shenzi find him on purpose, she's washed her paws of him but after seeing him in the state he's in she just couldn't bring herself to finish him. A final nod to their former friendship. So, limp away Scar...who knows where he's going, all alone. D:

Sketch: [link]
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Brookcresent Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this , don't worry he'll probably find a beaten Penda his childhood friend after finishing off zira
ReddRedPanda Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
Cool! I like! :D
PatchestheCalico Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
Nice story. :) I could definitely see Shenzi rubbing salt in the wounds now that she knows she can. I liked the hyenas until they turned on him, which really made no sense at how quickly it happened. I'm sure they of everyone knew that you say anything whether you mean it or not when you're cornered with no way out. :P
wahyawolf Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks; yeah I think it had to do with more than just that scene...I think they'd become frustrated with him over time. Even during Be Prepared, shortly after the song starts Banzai and Shenzi are shown giggling behind Scar's back while Ed's saluting him. I'm not sure if they were giggling about Ed or Scar but it makes me wonder now. :p Then there was that awful look Shenzi gave Scar after he grabbed her cheek, very telling, a sort of "I'm not so sure about you anymore" face. XD Then of course the lack of food, I think they'd grown tired of his broken promises (not that it was his fault there was a drought; the food shortage was no doubt thanks to the overpopulation of hyenas) - Scar throwing the blame on them was just the final straw. But their reaction was...way too harsh, to say the least. :cries:
PatchestheCalico Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
Yeah, I think it was the last straw too, but I also think it was more a 'poetic justice' write-in for the plot. :P
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